Web Servers

A web server plays a significant role in web hosting as it makes up of essential equipment needed to run your website — software and hardware. This is designed to efficiently provide network service to websites. There are several types of servers which are commonly used as follows: web servers, gaming servers, database servers, print servers, application servers, file servers and mail servers. There are server operating systems popularly used today and they are Windows OS, Linux OS, and Mac OS X.

Colocation Defined

Colocation is a process which allows you to purchase your own hardware and software when getting your site setup online. This is far different from the usual Managed hosting service or Shared hosting service iPage provides. While colocation allows for placing multiple sources into a single location to run your site, it allows for a much hands on approach to hosting. Installation of the machines, servers and such will require assistance from your preferred colocation provider’s data center. Data centers also provide physical security, power and cooling for the web servers and networking equipments used.

iPage hosting does not have colocation selection but instead provides a much convenient process through managed or shared hosting. Should you be interested in choosing a colocation web server provider you might want to consider the following for your data center.

  • Response Team or Local IT Support
  • Application Developers.
  • Database Administrator

Web Hosting Types

There are several web hosting types you can get from different web hosting providers. The following discussed will provide you the necessary information to decide which hosting type suits your needs:

1. Dedicated Hosting– Dedicated hosting allows site owners to lease an entire server solely to a single hosting account. With this your site will have better performance in accommodating numerous site visitors and maintaining quality. Should your site require additional bandwidths and more hosting space dedicated hosting will answer to such needs. This is especially true for videos uploaded in your site but be advised that payment rates will also impact your cost as fees are far pricier than your usual basic hosting plan.

2. Shared Hosting– This type of web hosting is commonly used by web hosting providers today’s market. A more economical type of web hosting, shared hosting is setup in a way that provides hosting service to several sites using a single server. Since the service is shared as with its server the cost is far less than what you might pay for in using dedicated hosting.

3. Cloud hosting– In cloud computing or cloud hosting also makes use of several servers in providing stable and quality hosting. In this setup web servers are interconnected in order to get the required data across its channels to keep your site running. But the deal breaker among the three hosting types is cloud’s capability to adjust according to what your site requires. Adding and removing servers needed is easily done while adjusting the fees with its “pay as youuse” flexibility.

Essential iPage Hosting

iPage is a leader in the web hosting industry with over a decade of experience and expertise shared to its users and web developers. iPage web hosting is known for its inconceivably affordable rates and its unmatched quality. This is what you get when signing up with iPage hosting:

  • unlimited hosting space
  • unlimited emails
  • free transfer (covers the first year)
  • SimpleScripts application installer
  • an integrated site builder
  • green technology campaign
  • online marketing service
  • Free marketing credits
  • free domain registration (covers the first year)
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • free blogs
  • SiteLock Security
  • Free search engine credits