Colocation is a term that refers to the process of placing multiple sources or entities into a single location. It is commonly used by web hosting providers as part of its data sourcing for its off-site data storage purposes. This process enables multiple clients to access networks, data hosting space and servers through a selection or variety of service providers. In the web hosting industry, colocation centers are widely used for space, bandwidth and equipment’s data center. They also provide the much needed power, physical security and cooling for the servers and networking equipments being used.

iPage web hosting does not make use of Colocation but instead provides managed hosting. Unlike colocation, iPage’s shared hosting or managed hosting which means that your hosting provider takes care of basically everything required in order to provide the online presence you want your website to achieve. This includes networking equipment and web servers, software, backbone connection for internet and such while still gives you control over creation of your web pages as well as setting up your email boxes.

Cloud Hosting on iPage

What is cloud hosting? Cloud hosting is also referred to as cloud computing which involves the process of making use of several servers instead of the commonly used single server. These multiple web servers are designed in a way that they interconnect in order to deliver the required data to keep your site up and running. Cloud-based hosting flexibility with iPage includes the following benefits:

  1. Room to grow and scale as demands increase 
  2. Resources are instantly provisioned 
  3. Migration options are seamless

While shared web hosting is still widely used and considered traditional hosting service, Cloud hosting is gaining preference as a viable solution for continuously growing websites. As sites grow and expand more resources are required in order to maintain the quality and accommodate site visitors. Cloud hosting is also a great alternative to dedicated hosting because it does not demand as much expenses and does not require extensive IT familiarity needed when having dedicated hosting.

Cloud hosting provides the much needed flexibility required to continuously growing sites. Unlike shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting, cloud hosting does not affect your website’s performance even when involving multiple user visits. It’s flexibility in providing quality service and not affecting site’s performance is also applicable to hosting cost because of the “pay as youuse” flexibility. The cloud hosting “Pay as you use” feature provides flexibility by adjusting the servers used based on the site requirement. So on less busy days and does not require additional servers for your site, your cost equally lessens. And web host intervention is not even required in the process of releasing or adding servers as needed.

iPage Web Host

iPage is a leader in the web hosting industry with a lot of experience and expertise totaling to over a decade that is transcended to its users as well as web developers. You can basically get your essential hosting needs all under one hosting plan and that’s with iPage’s basic hosting plan. iPage web hosting is preferred by web masters, its users and site owners for two significant reasons: (1) Inconceivably affordable rates and (2) Unparalleled quality. Signing up with iPage as your web hosting provider is a great and practical choice. Your basic hosting plan will include the basic features you will need to get your site running online. Here is the list of features basic to your package as follows:

  • unlimited emails
  • free transfer (covers the first year)
  • unlimited hosting space
  • green technology campaign
  • free domain registration (covers the first year)
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • SimpleScripts application installer
  • an integrated site builder
  • online marketing service
  • Free marketing credits
  • free blogs
  • SiteLock Security
  • Free search engine credits

iPage Add-on Features

Other than your basic hosting plan features you can also activate add-on features with iPage. You can do this by contacting your friendly iPage support team (through these channels: chat, email messages or phone call). iPage add-on features include the following options: Directory Listing and SEO, Automatic Site Backup and Recovery, Domain Privacy and Premium SSL certificates.