Are you looking for the best and efficient servers? Every year, there is an update of the world’s fastest supercomputer which only proves how innovative the generation is of now.

From the previous years, here are some of the supercomputers that have the exceptional high performance and efficiency:

  •  Titan- is the fastest supercomputer of 2013, upgraded from Jaguar that makes use of Nvidia Tesla GPU and the usual AMD Opteron CPUs. Like other supercomputers, it is efficient in the consumption of energy but still delivers an exceptional performance. Its speed reaches up to 17.59petaflops.
  •  IBM Sequia- known to be the fastest among all supercomputers with petaflops up to 16.32 on June 2012.
  •  K computer- originated from Fujitsu, Japan. It was once the fastest supercomputer,reaching up to 10 petaflops until IBM Sequiaover ranked it.
  •  Tian he-I-Taking over Jaguar, it used to be the fastest supercomputer with2.566 petaflops.
  •  Jaguar- invented at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is a petascale supercomputer performing at 1.75 petaflops.
  • Recently, one of those branded as a supercomputer is the IBM Power™ Systems.
  • IBM Power™ Systems is the high performance computing server that topped the list in terms of excellent performance and efficiency.

Configuration of IBM Power™ Systems

This supercomputer can be configured depending on the level of performance you expect it to have. It can be configured with:

Computing System

  •  AIX® and Linux® that is expandable to meet the needs of the computer.
  •  IBM Blue Gene
  •  Less energy consumption and power
  •  Fast and offers greater space
  •  With IBM Blue Gene, fields of science and the world of businesses are able to look after problems in medical therapy, diagnosing tumors, figuring out climatic conditions; recording human’s set of chromosomes, aviation, etc.
  •  BlueGene/Q Express – rack configuration by half for those who manage a large amount of data.

Power Servers

  •  IBM Power 775
  •  is an advance power technology with an expandable system, parallel processors and packaging approach in modules. This can work hand in hand in specific software provided by the IBM Systems itself.

The IBM Systems is also able to be a high computing server because of its software configuration.

IBM Software Configuration

  •  AIX PowerHA System
  • This configuration system is able to give great tolerance against problematic actions from applications. It finds solutions for recovery of applications and programs and provide a greater data capacity.
  •  Parallel Environment
  • This kind of surrounding is conducive for parallel applications such as messaging applications and memory distribution.
  •  Parallel ESSL and Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library (ESSL)

The IBM System and its SPMD and SMP applications are configured with subroutines mathematically performed for a better performance of the system.

  •  Tivoli® Workload Scheduler LoadLeveler®

This feature functions to manage networks effectively and to apply workload scheduling on it to efficiently use time while making the most of the utilities available. It creates an organized environment for the system.

  •  Cluster Systems Management (CSM)

This provides a unified environment since the systems of IBM cluster are already configured on IBM Power Systems and IBM System x. It makes management of the system easier to supervise with its particular regulation.

  •  Extreme Cloud Administraton Toolkit (xCAT)
  • This toolkit creates a whole interface that allows an expandable management of the control system, hardware and discovery.
  •  General Parallel File System (GPFS)

This set up allows high performance collection of files in Linux, Windows® and AIX as well as greater data capacity and expanded files for you to manage.

Why opt for the IBM Power™ Systems?

This supercomputer and its entire configuration are of great help in the new generation for it provides ease for science-related and business computing with its scalability and greater capacity for file management. With this kind of technology, people will be saved from distress of consuming too much time.