Top Level Domains

Before anything else, the first thing you should know is what comprises your domain name. Well, there’s the name itself which you obtain from a domain name registrar, and then there’s the TLD which is an acronym for Top Level Domain. What are top level domains, you may ask? Well first and foremost, these top level domains are part of all websites – so surely you have encountered one. Top level domains are the suffixes or the attachment that comes after your domain name. There are many types of top level domains, to name a few there’s the:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .au
  • .us
  • .uk
  • .ph
  • .tv
  • .biz
  • .me
  • .org
  • .gov
  • Etc.

The most commonly used and seen top level domain would have to be the .com. Take note that these top level domains do not cost the same, they vary in price as they do in the letters that comprise them. For example, some domain name registrars may offer the .com top level domain at around fourteen to fifteen dollars while others may offer it to up to eighteen dollars. One of the most expensive top level domains out there would probably have to be the top level domain as it costs around thirty five dollars.

Looking for a Registrar

What are the things to consider when choosing a domain name registrar, here are a few:

1. International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN

  • Be sure your domain name registrar, or the web host you are under subscription is listed under or accredited by the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This way, you are sure that you are going to get most out of your money because you know you invested in the right company. Remember, there have been cases of domain name registration fraud – so it is best to keep safe and be sure of who you are entrusting your money and your domain name to.

2. Not cheap, Affordable!

  • Price is always a factor when making decisions on your web domain. If you are not willing to spend a lot of money, (and you shouldn’t) – there are surely dozens of domain name registrars that offer their services at prices that meet your standard. But see to it you don’t go too overboard on choosing a cheap domain name registrar, because you never really know what loopholes they have. A good tip is to stay safe and put your money on affordable and mid-priced rates.

What Your Web Domain Needs

Now that you have your top level domain and your domain name, what comes next? What you should do next is focus on your website and its content, of course. It’s time you start writing, or posting what have you on your website. This way, people will get to see what your website has to offer, and the best advertising tool, is quality and efficiency – it makes visitors come back, that is for sure.

But on another note, there are many ways to make sure your website gets good publicity. You could opt to use social media, advertise your website URL in real space and not virtual space – and of course there are ways of advertising that may cost you a dime, but nevertheless get you the visitors you want. It’s called search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a process which helps your website boost its ranking search engines. This way, when a keyword related to your website is searched, your website doesn’t get tucked and hidden in Google Search’s fortieth “O”. Most of the time, search engine optimized websites on the first page.

After posting content and after advertising your website, it’s time you think of making your website pay for itself. Once you gain regular visitors, you should then consider placing advertisements on your page. The more famous you are, the more advertisers you get and the higher you get paid for ad placements.