Xeon 5500 Dedicated Servers

Webhost providers believe that the best way to improve their service offerings is primarily by regularly changing their servers to faster ones. The reason for this is that almost all of the webhost providers offer shared hosting packages. This means that each server used by the webhost provider is normally divided to host the following:

  • Files
  • Database

Benefits of the Xeon 5500 Series

The newly developed Zeon 5500 series is divided into two types of cores, which include dual and quad core. The reason why some hosting sites uses the Xeon 5500 series is that it is considered to be the first server multi-core processor that embeds key technologies to enhance the server performance of webhost providers. The key technologies included are:

  • Point-to-point link interface
  • Integrated memory controller

Aside from the above technologies, the Xeon 5500 series is designed to be not only smaller but also quieter as well as having a better performance efficiency in spite of its low-power consumption. This is considered to be beneficial to various webhost providers since it not only lowers operating costs but also improves their performance.

Improvement over Older Technology

The improvement in server performance under the Xeon 5500 series is perceived to be at 80% when compared to the previous Xeon processor-based servers. This means that the Integrated I/O of the processor by up to 30% reads the data saved in the server faster. The Xeon 5500 processors improved the performance per watt while maximizing the efficiency of energy use. This implies that website owners will be able to access their files and databases in the servers faster as if they are using their own computer hard disk.

The Use of Linked Servers

The improved server performance is further enhanced by the fact that hosting companies pooled their servers into a solid and secure network infrastructure. This is because each of the Xeon 5500 processor has 1366 lands that are used to facilitate signals between each of the servers. This will result in the increased ability to access various website files and databases when an information request is sent by the website owner. This is despite the fact that the website files and databases are located in other servers.

The result of this networked infrastructure is that the first available server will be used to operate the website of the website owner. This means that loading and opening of web pages by visitors of the website will become faster as well as having fewer service interruptions. Therefore, service interruption problems seen in webhost providers with traditional hosting infrastructures are not seen in some hosting providers.

Benefit to Global Website Owners

The benefit of the networked infrastructure is that a hosting company has the option to use redundant routers under BGP so that the operations of multiple websites is improved even if these are based in numerous countries. This is because load balancers splits the site data into application pools such as:

  • FTP
  • Incoming mail
  • Web

The network architecture is the reason why hosting companies can customize each of its servers to service different websites. The higher information density of each server improves the webhosting services of companies so that website operations become faster and more reliable. Some hosting companies designed its network structure to share site data resulting in normal operations for a website even if a server rack loses power.

The reason for this is that a primary unit is linked to an identical machine, which means that access to the website’s data is also available to the identical machine. This means that the identical machine will take over the operations of the primary unit if and when it crashes. A good hosting company also assures all of its website owners that their files and databases are always backed up since a mirror copy of the website data is backed up to set of storage units. The purpose of this data storage strategy is to prevent the loss of data in case of a disk failure in the primary server units.

Why iPage is Still the Popular Webhost Choice?

The design of the servers as well as the data center ensures that website owners are assured of not only data security but also operation reliability. The primary reason for this is the way iPage developed their network structure which uses multiple units to store and access the website files and databases. Thus in case of potential hardware problems, the data of each personal and business website served by iPage is securely stored in the various servers. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why iPage is considered to be a reliable webhosting provider and why they are still a popular choice since 1998.
Environmentally minded individuals also prefer to purchase their webhost service packages from iPage since the webhost provider has successfully shifted to using wind energy on the following:

  • Servers
  • Offices
  • Data centers