Xeon 7300 Quad Processor Servers

Webhosting providers know that offering multiple services will mean a regular improvement in both hardware as well as software technologies. However, not all of a webhost provider uses the same processor series since there are some specific times of the day that the website traffic is considered to be heavy. This means that webhost providers need to balance the server performance as well as their operating costs by balancing their energy watt usage. This is the reason why some webhost companies use the following for their servers:

  • Xeon 5500
  • Xeon 5600
  • Xeon 7300

Series Diversity and Limitations

There are currently six products under the Xeon 7300 processor series, which includes:

  • X7350
  • L7345
  • E7340
  • E7330
  • E7320
  • E7310

The processing rate of the Xeon 7300 is at quad core speed and uses energy between 50 to 130 watts. Unfortunately, the 7300 series is considered to be outdated since its launch in 2007 and therefore is perceived to be at the end of their useful life.

Benefits of the 7300 Series

The value of the Xeon 7300 series to webhost providers is that it’s effectively used in multi-processor platforms that have a high data demand. The reason why some webhost companies still continue using the 7300 series is that developed website applications are normally data intensive especially when used in the virtual network. The 7300 series strength is its ability to consolidate different processor servers to enhance the operation of data intensive websites such as those that have image galleries, blogs, and graphic intensive content.

Another benefit of the 7300 series is that it is a reliable processor server for data intensive applications such as content management systems (CMS). The most commonly used CMS applications are:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

Use for the 7300 Series

The 7300 processor is designed to enhance the performance of the data centers by maximizing the density of the information contained in each server. The main purpose of this is that the information contained in the data center is consolidated into fewer systems so that the responsiveness of the server is enhanced even at peak operating hours. This is because the microarchitecture of the 7300 series enhances the processor cooling so that the energy used is decreased. The additional benefit of the improved cooling of the 7300 processor is that it maximizes the investment in the server by enabling a denser deployment of data.

The operating performance is further improved when the 7300 processor stores the data sets closer to the processor, which results in a decrease in the number of times the main memory is used. This is because the 7300 processor is designed on a four socket platform that processes 16, 32, and 64-bit threads using a memory cache of 8 MB. It means that the webhost processor does not need to reboot their servers more frequently due to maximization of main memory usage, resulting in a better service for their website customers.

But the main advantage of the 7300 series is its flexibility since the data can be moved from server to server in any type of platform. This means that the website data stored under a webhost provider can be easily read by a customer website even if the webhost provider has server problems such as load balancing, disaster-recovery, fail-overs, and real-time server maintenance. The 7300 series enhances the following:

  • Performance
  • Power
  • Cost
  • Reliability

This is primarily due to the Virtual Machine Device Queues (WMDq) that is used to sort data into multiple queues in order to improve the processing efficiency of the network.

Benefits for the Business Website

The 7300 series enhances the data center of the webhost provider since it becomes more efficient at responding to the needs and requirements of a business website. Large scale computing is considered to be the norm for business websites especially when these are supplemented by powerful business tools. The advantage of these is to identify potential business opportunities that was previously not included in the website’s existing marketplace.

Data segmentation is improved by the improved computing speed specifically in the following segments:

  • Database
  • ERP
  • Virtualization

Potential Error Solutions

The 7300 series is considered to prevent some normal occurring server errors that can worsen the server performance. Some of the additional improvements included in the 7300 processor are the Error Correction Code (ECC), DIMM sparing, Single Device Data Correction (SDDC), and DIMM scrubbing, which is used to improve the reliability of the server system. All of the above improvements in the 7300 processor will improve the service performance of an webhost provider since its main problems are system reliability due to numerous data requests by website owners. The reason why most of the popular webhost providers are still attracting new website owners is that they use Xeon processor servers to improve their performance while reducing operating costs.