Launched around March of 2010, Xeon 7500 processor series are the newest set of high- performance computing devices that are loaded with significant features that make them stand out among all other devices with the same purpose. They come in quad, six and eight core versions. These highly powerful devices are manufactured by the world’s leader in computing innovation, Intel Corporation.

What can Xeon processor 7500 series has to offer?

Xeon processor 7500 series are equipped with advanced features that made them record breaker as far as Intel processor history is concerned. Check out this high- tech and mind- blowing features of Xeon processor 7500:

  •  This powerful device is equivalent to twenty single core servers combined. You can just imagine how this type of device can do much of the work and still able to perform at its best. Because of this, many companies have adopted this type of device for them to save in terms of energy cost. Why use twenty single core servers while you can use only one device with the same level of performance? It’s a proven cost- effective type of technology.
  •  It sets the new standards in terms of reliability and measurability with its high-end features. Its reliability features makes it as the best option for delicate and critical workloads such as in stock exchanges or hospitals. Customers from these workplaces can never afford unscheduled downtime. With Xeon 7500, should there be a need for downtime, it’s planned and scheduled. It also upholds data integrity.
  •  This is the first Xeon processor powered by Machine Check Architecture (MCA) recovery. This is an exceptional feature that allows the system to recover from extremely fatal system errors.
  •  It offers one of a kind measurability through its featured modular building blocks made possible by QuickPath Technology Interconnect (QPI). It can scale up to 32 cores and 64 threads per 4- chip platform. That’s why it’s ideal for intensive databases.
  •  It provides a luxurious amount of memory capacity and bandwidth. Up to 1 terabyte in a 4- processor configurations, which is 4 times increase in the usual memory of its predecessor, the Xeon processor 7400, and 8 times more in bandwidth capacity.

What are the advantages of Xeon 7500?

With its high- end features, many companies and institutions may find Xeon 7500 very useful. After learning the interesting features of Xeon 7500, let us sum up the good things it can bring to the consumers. Here are some:

  •  Instead of making used of twenty single core servers combined, one Xeon 7500 server processor can deliver the work without compromising the performance. With this, company’s energy cost will be remarkably reduced.
  •  It’s highly reliable and dependable with high- precision measurability capacity. And you will also be assured that data integrity is well observed.
  •  Since it is equipped with exceptional amount of memory, it can accommodate intensive databases such as the workloads in the hospitals or stock exchange.
  •  As it is equipped with new advanced features, system downtime may not be as troublesome as it was before since downtimes are minimized, if not totally eradicated, in Xeon 7500 series.
  •  Since it is backed up with MCA recovery feature, you’ll be sure to have alternatives ready in case fatal system errors are encountered. So you can sleep soundly at night without worrying if something goes wrong in your workplace especially when the system crashed.

Xeon 7500 server processors are one of a kind innovation. They make complicated and critical workloads appear easy and manageable. Good thing that they are equipped with powerful and useful features.